Kalayaan # 1

(Published by GMP Comics in JUNE, 2007)


"The Beginning"

Kalayaan went into the city to stop a rampaging creature that is killing every body on its path. Is Kalayaan strong enough to stop this powerful creature?



Kalayaan # 2

(Published by GMP Comics in OCT., 2007)



Kalayaan was followed by a spy prove of a villain only know as Vorgon. What is the fate waiting for Kalayaan and Rhea now that Vorgon knows their base of operation?



Kalayaan # 3

(Published by GMP Comics in FEB., 2008)


"The Battle"

Confused with a new found strength. Kalayaan went to rescue Rhea from the hands of Vorgon. But is his strength enough to stop Vorgon and his minions. 



Kalayaan # 4

(Published by GMP Comics in JUNE, 2008)



Kalayaan founds out the shocking truth about the side effect of his new found super strength. While Rhea had a provoking argument with his brother Cyfer regarding her vengeance to criminals.



Kalayaan # 5

(Published by GMP Comics in OCT., 2008)


"Back in Time"

Kalayaan woke up and founds himself on an island with a Philippine iconic real life hero. He is forced to fight side by side with him against a gigantic monster that is seams to be impervious to any weapons. How would they stop this monster from spreading terror to the people of the island.


Kalayaan # 6

(Published by GMP Comics in FEB., 2009)



Kalayaan will meet for the very first time the legendary Pinoy Super Team Sandugo composed of Sandata, Diwata, Supremo, Bernardo Karpio and Bato.


But the enemy and the true evil and source of the conflict is yet to be seen. Can the heroes found him first before his powers destroy them?


Kalayaan # 7

(Published by GMP Comics in JUNE, 2009)


"Dark side"

The dark side of Kalayaan was brought to life by a villain that is known as Salamangkero. While Kalayaan is unconcious at the mountains.


Kalayaan # 8

(Published by GMP Comics in OCT., 2009)


"Brother against Brother"

It is a drag-out no holds barred fight between the team of Pag-asa/Servant and Alipin. That is, until Kalayaan arrived and took Alipin on a Philippine Fight Tour. And it's not only physical, the two also debated their ideology in life. The fight also took on a more emotional turn when Alipin used his knowledge of Kalayaan's secrets to hit low blows of his own.

Kalayaan # 9

(Published by GMP Comics in APRIL, 2010)


"Lost Love"

John had crossed path again with an old flame that had triggered his painful memories of the past. 

Kalayaan # 10

(Published by GMP Comics in AUG., 2010)


"Shattered Dreams"

After finding out about the status of his ex-girlfriend, John suddenly became confused on what he should do next. Having doughts with his feelings, John consulted Apog, the mentor of his fellow Bayan Knights Manila-Man.


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